Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The current crop : Summer, 2012

Hey friends, we're super excited about our hot new summer releases. All of these are available for $5 each, or grab the whole crop for $15. Click on titles below to check out sound clips and ordering info, or get in touch about wholesale, trades or precise international shipping costs to your address.

[SP-28-EP] : Campo Santo - "Chengue X / Flor de Hierro" [7" EP]

Stark, lo-fi nightmarish techno and mechanized dark synth isolationism from this new project featuring Antonella, Martin, and Pablo from Uruguay experimental collective Fiesta Animal. Buried, dreamlike sounds drift beneath a dense layer of saturated pulse and hiss. Screenprinted art on parchment paper.

[SP-29-CS] : Mold Omen - "Every Day a Dream, Every Nickel a Nectarine" [cassette]

Operating on the fringes of the Baltimore experimental music scene, this duo have quietly released a number of great cassettes on various micro labels. This new tape is their most diverse effort to date, and yet it stands out as the most "album-like" of their output. Intuitive and psychedelic "noise" music, with free music and post-industrial leanings. Some of the sounds on this tape would fit well into the the early output of 90s cassette labels like Apraxia and Chocolate Monk, while others blend elements of Sun City Girls, Noggin, and even touches of early Loren Mazzacane style disjointed blues riffing. Artwork constructed from 1920s sheet music and embrittled 1950s dress-making tissue paper templates with hand typed text. Limited edition of 50.

[SP-30-CS] : Comfort Link - "The Gentle Sounds of Comfort Link" [cassette]

Debut cassette release for this reclusive Baltimore archivist. Spontaneous compositions crafted from piles of hand-spliced cassette loops. Screenprinted art on 2 different colored construction paper inserts. Recommended for fans of Bert Kaempfert and Philip Jeck. Limited edition of 50.

[SP-31-CS] : Rosemary Krust - "In Hollenshade Basement / Deskulling Society" [cassette]

Our favorite Baltimore duo's first release in 2 years, and first sPLeeNCoFFin release since 2008's "Slow Light," is a collection of improvised and live recordings, showing off the band's more experimental, instrumental leanings. "In Hollenshade Basement" is a compilation of drone heavy four track recordings almost entirely guitar based, calling to mind Trapdoor era Dead C and 1990s 7"s by the likes of Roy Montgomery and Azusa Plane. "Deskulling Society" is a harsh, primitive, post-industrial drug experience -- a live recording capturing what is probably Rosemary Krust's most completely unhinged live performance to date, recorded at the defunct Hexagon space in Baltimore. Art is screenprinted in sliver and black paint on kraft paper, screens exposed from used typewriter ribbon impressions on acetate, with the used ribbons also hand-rubbed onto the cassette shells themselves. Limited edition of 100.

Check out sounds from the current crop over here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monthly Mixtape Club : April, 2012 edition

Side A

1. Cloama, “Neuroscan Organization.” Neuroscan Organization LP (Italy, Blade Records/Splatter, 2002).
2. Atomic Cock Bombs, “Untitled.” split cassette w/ Hercel (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2012).
3. Pain Jerk and John Wiese, “Triangle Sky.” Terrazzo CD (UK, Harbinger Sound, 2007). *recorded 2005.
4. Whistletips, “Untitled.” Remix cassette (USA, MT5 Tapes, 2011).
5. Clang Quartet, “Revival of the Wretch, Part 2.” Revival of the Wretch LP (USA, RRRecords, 2007).
6. Fusiller, “20101130.” Live Series, Vol. 7 cassette (France, [tanzprocesz], 2011).
7. Ilhan Mimaroglu, “Fanfare.” Outstanding Warrants CD (USA, Southport Records, 2000).
8. Dinner Music, “Backbeat.” Mule on Tape cassette (USA, I Just Live Here, 2012).
9. Jonas Lindgren, “Myrornas Krig - Vit.” V/A, Analgous Indirect LP (USA, Public Eyesore, 2000).
10. Pregnant Spore, “Airway.” Chest Absence cassette (USA, Okto Media, 2011).
11. Styrofume, “Gold Teeth.” Legplant CDR (USA, Breaking World Records, 2003). *recorded 1999.
12. Metalux, “Out The Tomb.” 1-0-0-3 cassette (Canada, Beniffer Editions, 2009).

Side B

1. Trance and the Arcade, “Solar Illusion.” Harmonic Architecture CD (USA, Mass Particles, 1998).
2. Sound of Pot, “Untitled.” Live split cassette w/ Cycles Inside (USA, Feeding Tube Records, 2010).
3. Id Battery, “Untitled.” Unique Ancient Tavern LP (USA, Ecstatic Yod, 1997).
4. Jazzfinger, “Manchester 6.08.05.” Tar of the Moon, Vol. 2 cassette (UK, Unrest Productions, 2007).
5. Flying Saucer Attack and Roy Montgomery, “And Goodbye.” Goodbye 12” EP (USA, VHF Records, 1996).
6. U.S. Girls, “Found on the Ground.” U.S. Girls cassingle (USA, Hardscrabble Amateurs, 2008).
7. Hunting Lodge, “Intermission ‘Throb’.” Shadows Out of Time, '82-'83 LP (Germany, Vinyl on Demand, 2010). *recorded 1983, previously unreleasead.

Side A:

Side B:

Download Side A
Download Side B

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Distro update -- new items from our colleagues at Wintage!

Hey there! Just a quick note to update you on the fabulous new batch of ultra limited goodies from Wintage Records and Tapes available through our select distribution operation. Use the button below to plop any of these into a handy cart for personal acquisition via our beloved sPLeeNCAT mailorder site:

Twig Harper - “Live at Teranga” [cassette]


Twig Harper - “Live at Teranga” [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 March, 2012

"Baltimore’s clown prince of D.I.Y. head fuckery (was that Twig on The Wire, walking through Hamsterdam?) lay’s down an epic live set in Toronto ... more info

Vomir / R.D.C.D - split [cassette]


Vomir / R.D.C.D - split [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 March, 2012

"Side A has current prince of HNW (Harsh Noise Wall) Vomir (France) setting forth for a 20 minute journey of undulating jet-fire back blast of pure ... more info

Hercel / Atomic Cock Bombs - split [cassette]


Hercel / Atomic Cock Bombs - split [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 March, 2012

"Australian ex-pat by way of Japan Shayne Bowden brings forth his harsh electronic project Hercel to the Masses. This duo project straight outta ... more info

Nihilist Spasm Band - "Nothing is Forever" [LP]


Nihilist Spasm Band - "Nothing is Forever" [LP]
Price: $15.00

Date Added: Saturday 18 February, 2012

"The legendary and near mythical first warriors of noise, bring forth their new LP. Four new head hitting masterpieces of no music laid down at ... more info

Six Heads - "Cardboard Oracle" [LP]


Six Heads - "Cardboard Oracle" [LP]
Price: $15.00

Date Added: Saturday 18 February, 2012

"Toronto's current kings of collage/cut-up avant surreal-ness. This sextet of confusion led by head "Head" William A. Davison (has worked with ... more info

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Monthly Mixtape Club : February, 2012 edition

Side A

1. Diagram: A and Noise Nomads, “Untitled.” Diagram: A / Noise Nomads collaboration CDR (USA, Breaking World Records, 2004).
2. Embarker, “Invisible Yarmulke.” Embarker LP (USA, Malleable Records, 2008).
3. Sweden, “Mc Park.” Same Diff CD (Australia, Dual Plover, 2002).
4. James Twig Harper, “Untitled.” Intuitive American Esoteric, Vol. 2 LP (USA, American Tapes/Ecstatic Peace/Gods of Tundra/HereSee/Slowtoe, 2006).
5. Andy Ortmann, “Dagdagiel's Dilemma.” V/A, The Noise from Ridgewood: a Benefit Compilation for the Silent Barn 2xCDR (USA, Obsolete Units, 2011).
6. Dick Hyman, “Evening Thoughts.” Moog: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman LP (USA, Command Records, 1969).
7. Na, “Untitled.” Live at WNUR 89.3 FM, Chicago CDR (USA, self-released, 2005).
8. Six Heads, “Smaller, Larger, Lighter (Incantation Of The Naugahyde Witch).” Cardboard Oracle LP (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2012).
9. Climax Golden Twins, “Untitled.” Climax Golden Twins [Locations] CD (USA, Fire Breathing Turtle, 1998).
10. Test Dept., “Inheritance.” Beating the Retreat LP (UK, Mercury, reissue 1987). *originally released by Some Bizzare (UK, 1984).
11. Boy Dirt Car, “Smear.” Winter LP (USA, RRRecords, 1987).
12. Tonalamotl, “Hargrave.” Tonalamotl LP (USA, Bobby J., 1997).

Side B

1. Kruse, “Untitled.” Welfare split cassette w/ Bill Doob (USA, Karamazov, 2009).
2. F. Montgomery Brigham, “Winter in a Coniferous Forest.” Songs of the Seasons LP (Canada, Ottawa Field-Naturalists Club/World Records, Inc., 1979).
3. Schurt Kwitters, “Untitled.” Schurt Kwitters LP (USA, Open Mouth, 2010). *originally released on cassette by Open Mouth, (USA, 2008).
4. SM, “Untitled.” SM cassette (USA, Spaze, 2010?).
5. Pradada, “Dead End of Existence.” Phantasy Visions CDR (Canada, Hobo Cult Records, 2009).
6. Magik Markers, “Untitled.” Isolated From Exterior Time (Bonfire) cassette (USA, Arbitrary Signs, 2011).
7. Arrington de Dionyso, “Untitled.” Untitled (Arrington de Dionyso Handmade Records) lathe-cut 7” (USA, self-released, 2010).
8. King Frog, “Venezuella.” Wham-O/Crank Sturgeon/King Frog/Pork Queen 2x7” compilation (USA, Bobby J., 1995).
9. Kplr, “Cirkuit.rn 3.” Untitled LP (USA, Digitalis Recordings, 2011).
10. M Ax Noi Mach, “The Darkside.” Chaser cassette (France, [tanzprocesz], 2008).
11. Fred Nipi, “Untitled." Qanngirpalippuq one-sided LP (France, Galerie Pache, 2009).
12. Hexmorb, “Untitled.” Red Lights in the Reflective Cave II cassette (USA, Unskilled Labor, 2007).
13. Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, “Journey to the Center of Something or Other.” Unitled split 7” w/ Bhob Rainey (USA, Sedimental, 2009).
14. Two Dollar Guitar, “Untitled.” The Disappointment cassette (USA, Old Gold, 1995?).

Side A:

Side B:

Download Side A
Download Side B

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Arrington de Dionyso's "Music for Two Tape Recorders" now available on Free Music Archive

Music for Two Tape Recorders is a double cassette spontaneous composition ultimately performed by the listener using two tape players. The source tapes consist of simultaneous recordings of improvisations made by Arrington on two different tape recorders, each with their own timing, sound, and mechanical idiosyncrasies.

The original double cassette was released by sPLeeNCoFFiN in 2009 and came packaged in recycled bookcases from abundant copies of discarded romance and fiction novels, hand screenprinted here at sPLeeNCoFFiN HQ with drawings made by Arrington on a bench at the American Visionary Art Museum. Included inside the case was this explanatory note: "simultaneous recordings made on two tape recorders, 10-8-08. for best results, play both cassettes at the same time, starting at any section on either cassette."

This digital version of the release includes each side of both source tapes (A1, A2, B1, and B2), as well as four different variations of the "completed" piece (A1+A2, B1+B2, A1+B2, and A2+B1), starting at the beginning of each side.

To simulate the ideal double tape recorder environment, the two cassette sources are panned left (tape A) and right (tape B) on the combined selections.

A nice review of the release by P. Somniferum in Foxy Digitalis is available here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Monthly Mixtape Club : (late) January, 2012 edition

Hello again, friends.

Your second installment in the Monthly Mixtape Club feature comes to you a bit tardy this month, due to various exciting and laborious endeavors taking precedence over this super fun hobby. So, this month we've utilized mid 1980s optical media technology and taken a closer look at our CDR holdings here in the sPLeeNCoFFiN HQ library. Along with the usual tapes and vinyls, you will hear some great, weird and rare CDRs that haven't been played here in years, due mostly to the fact that we haven't had a working CD player in quite some time.

A few highlights of this month's mix include a phenomenal 1983 Alan Vega number (the awesomeness of which was almost forgotten by myself until hearing it again last November blasted during a post-show dance party thrown down at the now defunct Bar-a-Bas of Antwerp, Belgium by the super tasteful and awesome DJ Oli Diskoster), some classic Smell & Quim (long neglected for lack of functional CD player), and unquestionably my favorite cassingle of 2011 by Night Burger.

Don't forget -- the most fun is had by those who record these files to corresponding sides of a 90 min. cassette tape and play it through start to finish, with no annoying computer screen staring back at them, preferably while engaging in other stimulating activities, such as drinking.

Side A

1. Darksmith, “Anything that Makes a Man Happy.” Million Year Spree split LP w/ Fossils (USA, KYE, 2011).
2. Six Heads, “12/11/10.” Official Demo cassette (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2011).
3. Kapotte Muziek, “Untitled.” Mort Aux Vaches CD (Netherlands, Staalplaat, 1997).
4. Sick Llama, “No Alibi Lover.” V/A, Deaf in the Valley 2x cassette (USA, 905 Tapes, 2007).
5. Marlo Eggplant, “Romanticizing the Doppler Effect.” 2011 CDR (USA, Corpus Callosum Distro, 2011).
6. FUN, "Untitled." Plays Music for Two Cassette Players cassette (USA, Breathmint, 2011).
7. Cryptic Weevil, “Çatal Höyük.” Dysfunctio Cerebri CDR (USA, Obscurica, 2005).
8. Cave Bears, “No Magic Kingdom.” No Weird USA cassette (USA, Feeding Tube Records, 2011).
9. Placenta Popeye, “Untitled.” splt cassette w/ Pier (Spain, For Noise's Sake, 2011).
10. Fifty Foot Women, “Teeth & Meadow.” Mares CDR (USA, self-released, 2008). *later released on CD by Yod Tapes (USA), 2008.
11. Madame P, “Untitled.” O’Lumi-Nasi Cassette (USA, OMS-B, 2009).
12. Barn Owl, “Moth Attack.” V/A, Rap Pouch 3” CDR (USA, Breaking World Records, 2003).

Side B

1. Minn Minn Lights, “Untitled.” Minn Minn Lights CDR (Norway, SHH/BZZ, 2006). *later released by Sharks and Pfennigs (UK), 2007.
2. irr. app. (ext.) & At Jennie Richie, “Night Wearing Feathers.” Apt. J(ext.)ie Irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers 3” CDR (USA, Psychform Records, 2006).
3. Michael Thomas Jackson, “Jesus was a Socialist.” Red Tape cassette (USA, Heat Retention Records, 2008)
4. Smell and Quim, “Turned Over to Sod.” Your Enemy’s Balls CD (USA, Red Stream, Inc., 1994).
5. Telecult Powers, “Gropiusstadt.” V/A, People Skills cassette (USA, Cryptic Carousel Records/Tin Cans and Twine, 2009).
6. Magic Beach, “Ghost Island.” Untitled cassette (Canada, Black Mantra, 2010).
7. Alan Vega, “American Dreamer.” Saturn Strip LP (USA, Ze Records/Elektra, 1983).
8. Sudden Infant, “Castaneda Machine.” Inner Storm cassette (USA, Blossoming Noise, 2011).
9. Duncan Moore, et al., “Untitled.” Flute on the Ice cassette (USA, no label, 2009?).
10. TOMB, “Luciferian Homage.” Xesse one-sided LP (USA, Prison Tatt Records, 2011).
11. Night Burger, “Barrier Earth.” Videotape cassette (USA, self-released, 2011).
12. Steam Drapula, “Sujin Song.” Have Done CDR (USA, Durable Stimuli, 2005?).
13. Loachfillet, “Soiled Waving Cilia, Part I.” Soiled Waving Cilia cassette (USA, Fish Pies, 2006).



Download Side A

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