Monday, December 26, 2011

Xylowave 2012

New split cassette to be released on January 1st.

GX Jupitter-Larsen / Arvo Zylo.

Two sides of unhinged fire worship inspired by entropy. Jupitter-Larsen (Haters) and Zylo (Delirious Insomniac) fill the post-human void with a harsh sonic environment saturated to a point of near-ambiance.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monthly Mixtape club : December, 2011 edition

Introducing our new fun feature:

the sPLeeNCoFFiN monthly mixtape club!!


1. Follow this blog or check back monthly (podcast version coming soon!);

2. Download the 2 files (less fun alternate option: listen to the embedded streams);

3. Record each file to corresponding A and B sides of a 45 minute cassette tape (less fun alternate option: load into your MP3 player);

4. enjoy;

5. repeat as desired.

This month, you'll no doubt notice an imbalance of fine French bric-a-brac, acquired during a multi-hour excursion at Paris' wonderful Bimbo Tower while on tour last month, as well as a few oldies recently dusted off that have been stimulating the hair cells of the spleencoffin HQ inner ear. All analog this time around, maybe next month we'll concentrate on rare CDRs; who knows? Stay tuned!!

Below you'll find the tracklisting for this month's mix.

Side A

1. Charlene Darling, “Le Grand Rien (De M. Toma Burvenich).” Mourning Tooth cassette (Belgium, Les Disques de L’Oubli, 2011).
2. Scorpion Violente, “Uberschleiss.” Uberschleiss LP (Italy, Avant! Records, 2010).
3. Two Years on Welfare, “Ticking Lisp.” Receiver cassette (USA, Ranky-Tanky, 2011).
4. Ed Yazijian, “Orange Sky.” Six Ways to Avoid the Evil Eye LP (USA, Onetree, reissue 2007).
5. Daren Seymour & Mark Van Hoen, “November 24th, 1926 • Into The Physical.” Aurobindo: Involution LP (UK, Ash International, 1995)
6. Blood Stereo, “Non Wretched Drone, No Blooze (May 16th).” Tape Hiss For Brainwash cassette (USA, Feeding Tube Records, 2011).
7. Panicsville, “Night Action.” Brain Transplant / Action Without Consequence 7” split EP w/ Brain Trainsplant (USA, Nihilist, 1999).
8. Mold Omen, “Untitled.” Witch State cassette (USA, Egyptian Tea, 2011).
9. Foi Pour Pusillanime, “Vascularisation maximale, Ohna hoch vi a fleder müss.” Foi Pour Pusillanime 7” EP (France, Ogrob, 2011).
10. Burial Hex, “Night Stalking the Unsilent Boneyard.” Burial Hex cassette (USA, Lurk Sleep Kill, reissue 2011). *previously released on LP by SNSE, 2007.
11. Jon Wieh, Pepe Kroma, Loma group, “Bassa Musical Bow, Kpelle Song with Harp, Loma Song with Drums.” Folk Music of Liberia LP (USA, Folkways, 1960).
12. Crank Sturgeon, “Untitled.” Glory Tape and Trough of Beslubbering Fish cassette (USA, Spacelessjam, 2006).
13. France Sauvage, “Mettre De Coté.” Couper Les Tchou Tchou LP (France, Potagers Natures/Bimbo Tower, reissue 2011). *previously released on CDR by Commence Par Maman, 2008.
14. Anton Mobin, “Sans Sauce.” V/A - Tartare De Subconscient Infini cassette (France, Crudités Tapes, 2011).
15. Roman Pilates, “Untitled.” 20100102 cassette (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2011).

Side B

1. Jeff Zagers, “three tones” J. Zagers cassette (USA, Mutual Deterioration Society, 2008).
2. Attrition, “Commandment (live).” Demonstro 1981-1986 2xLP (Germany, Vinyl on Demand, 2011). *recorded 1983, previously unreleased.
3. Noir Boy George, “ta beauté c'est un cancer.” Metz Noire cassette (France, [Tanzprocesz], 2011)
4. Impractical Cockpit, “Lots of Disney” Facilidad? LP (USA, Trd W/D, 2010).
5. Liveshitbingepurge, “The Locker Room.” The Locker Room cassette (USA, LSBD editions, 2011).
6. Inca Ore, “Ruff Ridin.” Silver Sea Surfer School LP (USA, Not Not Fun, 2009).
7. Needle Gun, “New Boy’s in Town Hand Full of Chuck.” Frábay Ferment cassette (USA, self-released, 2008).
8. Knurl, “Untitled.” Reactance LP (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2011).
9. Evil Moisture, “Untitled.” 50Ω Coaxial Relays cassette (France, no label, 2011?)
10. Jazkammer, “Turntable Surface Fireball 2 (studio)” Turntable Surface Fireball 2 12” EP (Norway, Smalltown Supersound, 2001)
11. Fossils, “Untitled.” Drunk Boat cassette (Canada, Snapped in Half, 2008).



Download side A
Download side B

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New distributed winter treats from our close colleagues!

Hello, friends. Just a brief note here to announce some new distro items added to our friendly mailorder site, spleenCat. Dig in below.

V/A - "Fake sound routine vol. 2" [cassette]


V/A - "Fake sound routine vol. 2" [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 December, 2011

"The second installment in the 'Fake Sound Routine' series compiles an expanse of rhythm fueled dementia. Washes of pounding digital gloss and ... more info

V/A - "Delirious music for delirious people" [CD]


V/A - "Delirious music for delirious people" [CD]
Price: $7.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 December, 2011

"On September 9th, 2011, Arvo Fingers and WLUW celebrated the 4th Anniversary of the Delirious Insomniac Freeform Radio Show as well as the release ... more info

DMZ - s/t [cassette]


DMZ - s/t [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 December, 2011

"variable geometry living room band 3*6-packs, pockets synthesizers, pockets effects groovy carpenter, ungroovy autechre secret project for secret ... more info

Noir Boy George - "Metz noire" [cassette]


Noir Boy George - "Metz noire" [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 December, 2011

"east of france he's from metz, he sings love from metz, suburb from metz, babies from metz, beers from metz he plays electric keyboards, electric ... more info

Liveshitbingepurge - "The locker room" [cassette]


Liveshitbingepurge - "The locker room" [cassette]
Price: $5.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 December, 2011

This unpredictable Baltimore trio return with a tape of dissonant free rock and American football parody. Once again, this one's a limited edition ... more info

Fusiller - Tanzprocesz live series vol. 7 [cassette]


Fusiller - Tanzprocesz live series vol. 7 [cassette]
Price: $6.00

Date Added: Saturday 10 December, 2011

"seventh volume in the live series sewing machine artwork 3 live sets in 40 minutes beers, screams & loops" -[tanzprocesz]

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unreleased discards for the adventurous, no. 1

Howdy folks,

Here at sPLeeNblog we hope to offer the extra adventurous -- those of you who enjoy something a little less polished, a little less masterful -- a glimpse into the abandoned fragments of the creative process.  Take for example this recording from our close associate, The Decapitated Hed.  Known (we've taken the liberty of using this word charitably) primarily for producing heavily saturated, minimally rhythmic works under the abbreviated name of Decapitated Hed (omitting the definite article), the artist also has a long history of dabbling in sound collage experiments and automatic/random forms of sonic (de)composition, a large body of largely unreleased material, some of the earliest examples of which are documented on The Decapitated Hed's debut double cassette released on sPLeeNCoFFiN back in 2005 (long out of print, but D. Hed says you're not missing much).

Such is the case with this short four-track cassette recording recently shared with us.  It dates from April 2010, a time when we were just finishing up the duplication of Decapitated Hed's terrific "Isolation Pulse" cassette.  This amusing little nugget is brought to you courtesy of the Hed's personal archives and is free to be shared via Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share Alike licensing.

Please enjoy.

The Decapitated Hed - "Responsibilities, in the classic sense" by sPLeeNCoFFiN

Monday, August 29, 2011

The current crop, late summer '11.

Hey, folks.  We have a trio of fabulous offerings for you here at spleenco., guaranteed to refresh your spirit from injury in light of recent local natural and manmade disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and the Baltimore Grand Prix.  Each and every one is cheap, tasty, and ripe for the plucking from our friendly spleenCat.  Click on the titles below to order, or get in touch about trades and wholesale pricing.

Embarker - "Big Gary" cassette.  $5.

Embarker is the solo project of Brooklyn based audiovisual artist Michael Barker.  "Big Gary" shows a strong taste for the liminal sonic spaces of modified and homemade electronics, synths, and stringed pseudo-instruments in the creation of organic, rhythmic "noise" works. A fine entry in the spleencoffin catalog, and an excellent companion/follow-up to last year's Embarker cassette on I Just Live Here.  Inserts and labels are handmade typewriter text on yellow lined memo paper with a drawing by Thomas Clark. Limited edition of 50 copies. First 20 copies feature special extra-limited edition "Big Gary" rub-on vinyl letters on the cassette shell exterior.

Kreace Peeps - "Asinine Frequncies" cassette.  $5.

Kreace Peeps return from 4 years of obscurity to follow up 2007's classic "Pac Man Ghost Suicide by Shotgun Blast". "Asinine Frequencies" pools together a massive collection of reworked and/or simulated field recordings, utilizing location objects, improperly played non-western instruments, culinary tools, tape loops and tape manipulation, frothed beer cans, contact-miked piles of HVAC equipment, bottle caps strung through tennis rackets, artificial wind, and likely countless other undisclosed examples of "asinine" instrumentation and techniques for a surprisingly cohesive work of anti-genius. Hand-screenprinted covers and labels featuring drawings illustrating the circa 12th century process of harvesting Mandragora. Edition of 50.

Opéra Mort / Decapitated Hed - "Minuit Cerceuil/Zereo Zone" split 7".  $5.

Paris/Brussels duo Opéra Mort team up with Spleencoffin regular Decapitated Hed for this well-paired split vinyl release. Everything you need is here: evil loops, piercing synths, destroyed dance rhythms, maniacal vocals, AND a handful of mesmerizing lock grooves to top it all off.  This is sadistic death disco for the discriminating listener.  Sleeves feature deep black multi-generation xerox shadows on heavy duty black kraft paper with silver hand-screenprinted text, laboriously DIY as always, limited edition of 300 copies.

Here's a blog

Hi there.  This here is a blog for sharing sonic spewings emanating from the spleencoffin "record label" in Baltimore, MD., USA.  It will be infrequently updated with unreliably opportunistic means at varying levels of sobriety.  Stay tuned!