Friday, January 27, 2012

Monthly Mixtape Club : (late) January, 2012 edition

Hello again, friends.

Your second installment in the Monthly Mixtape Club feature comes to you a bit tardy this month, due to various exciting and laborious endeavors taking precedence over this super fun hobby. So, this month we've utilized mid 1980s optical media technology and taken a closer look at our CDR holdings here in the sPLeeNCoFFiN HQ library. Along with the usual tapes and vinyls, you will hear some great, weird and rare CDRs that haven't been played here in years, due mostly to the fact that we haven't had a working CD player in quite some time.

A few highlights of this month's mix include a phenomenal 1983 Alan Vega number (the awesomeness of which was almost forgotten by myself until hearing it again last November blasted during a post-show dance party thrown down at the now defunct Bar-a-Bas of Antwerp, Belgium by the super tasteful and awesome DJ Oli Diskoster), some classic Smell & Quim (long neglected for lack of functional CD player), and unquestionably my favorite cassingle of 2011 by Night Burger.

Don't forget -- the most fun is had by those who record these files to corresponding sides of a 90 min. cassette tape and play it through start to finish, with no annoying computer screen staring back at them, preferably while engaging in other stimulating activities, such as drinking.

Side A

1. Darksmith, “Anything that Makes a Man Happy.” Million Year Spree split LP w/ Fossils (USA, KYE, 2011).
2. Six Heads, “12/11/10.” Official Demo cassette (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2011).
3. Kapotte Muziek, “Untitled.” Mort Aux Vaches CD (Netherlands, Staalplaat, 1997).
4. Sick Llama, “No Alibi Lover.” V/A, Deaf in the Valley 2x cassette (USA, 905 Tapes, 2007).
5. Marlo Eggplant, “Romanticizing the Doppler Effect.” 2011 CDR (USA, Corpus Callosum Distro, 2011).
6. FUN, "Untitled." Plays Music for Two Cassette Players cassette (USA, Breathmint, 2011).
7. Cryptic Weevil, “Çatal Höyük.” Dysfunctio Cerebri CDR (USA, Obscurica, 2005).
8. Cave Bears, “No Magic Kingdom.” No Weird USA cassette (USA, Feeding Tube Records, 2011).
9. Placenta Popeye, “Untitled.” splt cassette w/ Pier (Spain, For Noise's Sake, 2011).
10. Fifty Foot Women, “Teeth & Meadow.” Mares CDR (USA, self-released, 2008). *later released on CD by Yod Tapes (USA), 2008.
11. Madame P, “Untitled.” O’Lumi-Nasi Cassette (USA, OMS-B, 2009).
12. Barn Owl, “Moth Attack.” V/A, Rap Pouch 3” CDR (USA, Breaking World Records, 2003).

Side B

1. Minn Minn Lights, “Untitled.” Minn Minn Lights CDR (Norway, SHH/BZZ, 2006). *later released by Sharks and Pfennigs (UK), 2007.
2. irr. app. (ext.) & At Jennie Richie, “Night Wearing Feathers.” Apt. J(ext.)ie Irrchie - Night Wearing Feathers 3” CDR (USA, Psychform Records, 2006).
3. Michael Thomas Jackson, “Jesus was a Socialist.” Red Tape cassette (USA, Heat Retention Records, 2008)
4. Smell and Quim, “Turned Over to Sod.” Your Enemy’s Balls CD (USA, Red Stream, Inc., 1994).
5. Telecult Powers, “Gropiusstadt.” V/A, People Skills cassette (USA, Cryptic Carousel Records/Tin Cans and Twine, 2009).
6. Magic Beach, “Ghost Island.” Untitled cassette (Canada, Black Mantra, 2010).
7. Alan Vega, “American Dreamer.” Saturn Strip LP (USA, Ze Records/Elektra, 1983).
8. Sudden Infant, “Castaneda Machine.” Inner Storm cassette (USA, Blossoming Noise, 2011).
9. Duncan Moore, et al., “Untitled.” Flute on the Ice cassette (USA, no label, 2009?).
10. TOMB, “Luciferian Homage.” Xesse one-sided LP (USA, Prison Tatt Records, 2011).
11. Night Burger, “Barrier Earth.” Videotape cassette (USA, self-released, 2011).
12. Steam Drapula, “Sujin Song.” Have Done CDR (USA, Durable Stimuli, 2005?).
13. Loachfillet, “Soiled Waving Cilia, Part I.” Soiled Waving Cilia cassette (USA, Fish Pies, 2006).



Download Side A

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