Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nothing Glimmers

Night Shade & Gel Nails
Nothing Glimmers [Cassette]
[SP-37-CS] $5

New collaborative recordings from Nightshade and Gel Nails (Ultra Bon Bon) of Alberta, Canada. Minimalist synths, mangled tapes, found sounds, and hazy depraved voices coalesce into slow-drifting murky textural pieces. Edition of 50 copies.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Social Junk - Renewal LP



Release date: Oct. 31st

$12 USD

Originally released in 2009 as a limited edition cassette on Human Conduct, Renewal is a unique entry in the late Social Junk discography, a rare visionary work long due for a proper LP release.

These dark, instrumental recordings were envisioned as the soundtrack for a short film that never was completed, but every moment of their minimal brilliance transcends this purpose. Renewal is a flawless work in the tradition of the great experimental post-industrial soundtracks of the 1980s, such as SPK's Zamia Lehmanni and Cabaret Voltaire's Johnny Yesno.

Leading up to this reissue, video artist Rick Weaver, along with collaborator Lara Dempsey, took up the task of creating a new video as a visual companion to the orphaned soundtrack. A brilliant work in its own right, the full video has been made available here courtesy of the artists.

Renewal from sPLeeNCoFFiN on Vimeo.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Splenic Injuries : 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

V/A : Splenic Injuries.

10 yr. anniversary comp.

Double cassette, 2+ hrs.

$10 USD.

Featuring, in order of appearance: Slim Twig, Fusiller, Moth Cock, Ultra Bon Bon, Sister Body, Marlo Eggplant, Mold Omen, Rosemary Krust, Bonnie Mercer, √Čl-g, Six Heads, France Sauvage, Hobo Cubes, The Four Hands, Lea Bertucci, Kreace Peeps, Bride, The Austrasian Goat, PBK and Jon Thoreson, RDCD, Dao de Noize, Embarker, Carrageenan, Decapitated Hed, Liveshitbingepurge, Minoy, Bob Bellerue, Arvo Zylo, Fosforizouses Oysies, and Camposanto.

Montage clip above features excerpts from tracks by: Slim Twig, Moth Cock, Fusiller, Ultra Bon Bon, Sister Body, and Six Heads.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Current Crop : Summer, 2013.

Hey there, we're unloading another great Summer Crop this year. All 3 cassettes are $5 each, or scroll to the bottom to grab the whole crop for $13 ppd. US or $20 ppd. world. As always, feel free to get in touch about wholesale, trades or precise international shipping costs to your address.

[SP-32-CS] : Sister Body - Star / Red [cassette] = $5.

Czech duo Sister Body joins together the solo projects Head in Body and My Sister is Pregnant for a unique sound blending elements of minimal synthwave and dark psych-dub. A dense haze of drowsy, heavily delayed male and female voices drifting slowly through a skeletal Moroder-like rhythmic architecture with incessant dubbed-out bass riffs riding above the surface. These awesome folks are involved in the stellar Klang und Krach label in Prague. We're happy to release their first cassette here in the USA. Inserts are printed in red on red paper, with red tinted cassettes and red labels. Limited edition of 100 copies.

[SP-34-CS] : Comfort Link - The Complex Moods of... [cassette] = $5.

Following up last year's debut cassette release, Comfort Link brings us another collage of woozy living room music constructed from an ever growing archive of cassette and open reel tape loops. A 100% analog delight. Limited edition of 50 in re-purposed accordion folders with handmade collage art.

[SP-35-CS] : Dinner Music - Blood Quantum [cassette] = $5.

Human Conduct head honcho and future Chattanooga tiki bar proprietor Rick Weaver (Form a Log, Femme Tops, New Flesh) has been working the brilliantly damaged psych-lounge project Dinner Music for a few releases now and this new cassette soundtrack for the video of the same name is rumored to be THE END. In this pseudo-narrative soundscape, cerebral instrumental pieces punctuate all manners of disoriented organ pop and heavily percussive kraut-jazz. A fine meal for the ears that digests well with multiple servings. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-screenprinted in blood red ink on red paper with black text.

Sample the current crop below:

Summer 2013 Triple Crop USA ppd. = $13.

Summer 2013 Triple Crop World ppd. = $20.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Xylowave 2012

One of last year's highlights was this split by GX Jupitter-Larsen and Arvo Zylo, now totally sold out. For those of you who slept on this one, here is the whole thing, available to you courtesy of the artists in high bitrate mp3 format.

A nice review of the split written by Ryne Barber is available here. And another fine review by PBK is here.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The current crop : Summer, 2012

Hey friends, we're super excited about our hot new summer releases. All of these are available for $5 each, or grab the whole crop for $15. Click on titles below to check out sound clips and ordering info, or get in touch about wholesale, trades or precise international shipping costs to your address.

[SP-28-EP] : Campo Santo - "Chengue X / Flor de Hierro" [7" EP]

Stark, lo-fi nightmarish techno and mechanized dark synth isolationism from this new project featuring Antonella, Martin, and Pablo from Uruguay experimental collective Fiesta Animal. Buried, dreamlike sounds drift beneath a dense layer of saturated pulse and hiss. Screenprinted art on parchment paper.

[SP-29-CS] : Mold Omen - "Every Day a Dream, Every Nickel a Nectarine" [cassette]

Operating on the fringes of the Baltimore experimental music scene, this duo have quietly released a number of great cassettes on various micro labels. This new tape is their most diverse effort to date, and yet it stands out as the most "album-like" of their output. Intuitive and psychedelic "noise" music, with free music and post-industrial leanings. Some of the sounds on this tape would fit well into the the early output of 90s cassette labels like Apraxia and Chocolate Monk, while others blend elements of Sun City Girls, Noggin, and even touches of early Loren Mazzacane style disjointed blues riffing. Artwork constructed from 1920s sheet music and embrittled 1950s dress-making tissue paper templates with hand typed text. Limited edition of 50.

[SP-30-CS] : Comfort Link - "The Gentle Sounds of Comfort Link" [cassette]

Debut cassette release for this reclusive Baltimore archivist. Spontaneous compositions crafted from piles of hand-spliced cassette loops. Screenprinted art on 2 different colored construction paper inserts. Recommended for fans of Bert Kaempfert and Philip Jeck. Limited edition of 50.

[SP-31-CS] : Rosemary Krust - "In Hollenshade Basement / Deskulling Society" [cassette]

Our favorite Baltimore duo's first release in 2 years, and first sPLeeNCoFFin release since 2008's "Slow Light," is a collection of improvised and live recordings, showing off the band's more experimental, instrumental leanings. "In Hollenshade Basement" is a compilation of drone heavy four track recordings almost entirely guitar based, calling to mind Trapdoor era Dead C and 1990s 7"s by the likes of Roy Montgomery and Azusa Plane. "Deskulling Society" is a harsh, primitive, post-industrial drug experience -- a live recording capturing what is probably Rosemary Krust's most completely unhinged live performance to date, recorded at the defunct Hexagon space in Baltimore. Art is screenprinted in sliver and black paint on kraft paper, screens exposed from used typewriter ribbon impressions on acetate, with the used ribbons also hand-rubbed onto the cassette shells themselves. Limited edition of 100.

Check out sounds from the current crop over here.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monthly Mixtape Club : April, 2012 edition

Side A

1. Cloama, “Neuroscan Organization.” Neuroscan Organization LP (Italy, Blade Records/Splatter, 2002).
2. Atomic Cock Bombs, “Untitled.” split cassette w/ Hercel (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2012).
3. Pain Jerk and John Wiese, “Triangle Sky.” Terrazzo CD (UK, Harbinger Sound, 2007). *recorded 2005.
4. Whistletips, “Untitled.” Remix cassette (USA, MT5 Tapes, 2011).
5. Clang Quartet, “Revival of the Wretch, Part 2.” Revival of the Wretch LP (USA, RRRecords, 2007).
6. Fusiller, “20101130.” Live Series, Vol. 7 cassette (France, [tanzprocesz], 2011).
7. Ilhan Mimaroglu, “Fanfare.” Outstanding Warrants CD (USA, Southport Records, 2000).
8. Dinner Music, “Backbeat.” Mule on Tape cassette (USA, I Just Live Here, 2012).
9. Jonas Lindgren, “Myrornas Krig - Vit.” V/A, Analgous Indirect LP (USA, Public Eyesore, 2000).
10. Pregnant Spore, “Airway.” Chest Absence cassette (USA, Okto Media, 2011).
11. Styrofume, “Gold Teeth.” Legplant CDR (USA, Breaking World Records, 2003). *recorded 1999.
12. Metalux, “Out The Tomb.” 1-0-0-3 cassette (Canada, Beniffer Editions, 2009).

Side B

1. Trance and the Arcade, “Solar Illusion.” Harmonic Architecture CD (USA, Mass Particles, 1998).
2. Sound of Pot, “Untitled.” Live split cassette w/ Cycles Inside (USA, Feeding Tube Records, 2010).
3. Id Battery, “Untitled.” Unique Ancient Tavern LP (USA, Ecstatic Yod, 1997).
4. Jazzfinger, “Manchester 6.08.05.” Tar of the Moon, Vol. 2 cassette (UK, Unrest Productions, 2007).
5. Flying Saucer Attack and Roy Montgomery, “And Goodbye.” Goodbye 12” EP (USA, VHF Records, 1996).
6. U.S. Girls, “Found on the Ground.” U.S. Girls cassingle (USA, Hardscrabble Amateurs, 2008).
7. Hunting Lodge, “Intermission ‘Throb’.” Shadows Out of Time, '82-'83 LP (Germany, Vinyl on Demand, 2010). *recorded 1983, previously unreleasead.

Side A:

Side B:

Download Side A
Download Side B