Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Current Crop : Summer, 2013.

Hey there, we're unloading another great Summer Crop this year. All 3 cassettes are $5 each, or scroll to the bottom to grab the whole crop for $13 ppd. US or $20 ppd. world. As always, feel free to get in touch about wholesale, trades or precise international shipping costs to your address.

[SP-32-CS] : Sister Body - Star / Red [cassette] = $5.

Czech duo Sister Body joins together the solo projects Head in Body and My Sister is Pregnant for a unique sound blending elements of minimal synthwave and dark psych-dub. A dense haze of drowsy, heavily delayed male and female voices drifting slowly through a skeletal Moroder-like rhythmic architecture with incessant dubbed-out bass riffs riding above the surface. These awesome folks are involved in the stellar Klang und Krach label in Prague. We're happy to release their first cassette here in the USA. Inserts are printed in red on red paper, with red tinted cassettes and red labels. Limited edition of 100 copies.

[SP-34-CS] : Comfort Link - The Complex Moods of... [cassette] = $5.

Following up last year's debut cassette release, Comfort Link brings us another collage of woozy living room music constructed from an ever growing archive of cassette and open reel tape loops. A 100% analog delight. Limited edition of 50 in re-purposed accordion folders with handmade collage art.

[SP-35-CS] : Dinner Music - Blood Quantum [cassette] = $5.

Human Conduct head honcho and future Chattanooga tiki bar proprietor Rick Weaver (Form a Log, Femme Tops, New Flesh) has been working the brilliantly damaged psych-lounge project Dinner Music for a few releases now and this new cassette soundtrack for the video of the same name is rumored to be THE END. In this pseudo-narrative soundscape, cerebral instrumental pieces punctuate all manners of disoriented organ pop and heavily percussive kraut-jazz. A fine meal for the ears that digests well with multiple servings. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-screenprinted in blood red ink on red paper with black text.

Sample the current crop below:

Summer 2013 Triple Crop USA ppd. = $13.

Summer 2013 Triple Crop World ppd. = $20.

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