Saturday, August 10, 2013

Splenic Injuries : 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

V/A : Splenic Injuries.

10 yr. anniversary comp.

Double cassette, 2+ hrs.

$10 USD.

Featuring, in order of appearance: Slim Twig, Fusiller, Moth Cock, Ultra Bon Bon, Sister Body, Marlo Eggplant, Mold Omen, Rosemary Krust, Bonnie Mercer, √Čl-g, Six Heads, France Sauvage, Hobo Cubes, The Four Hands, Lea Bertucci, Kreace Peeps, Bride, The Austrasian Goat, PBK and Jon Thoreson, RDCD, Dao de Noize, Embarker, Carrageenan, Decapitated Hed, Liveshitbingepurge, Minoy, Bob Bellerue, Arvo Zylo, Fosforizouses Oysies, and Camposanto.

Montage clip above features excerpts from tracks by: Slim Twig, Moth Cock, Fusiller, Ultra Bon Bon, Sister Body, and Six Heads.

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