Saturday, September 17, 2011

Unreleased discards for the adventurous, no. 1

Howdy folks,

Here at sPLeeNblog we hope to offer the extra adventurous -- those of you who enjoy something a little less polished, a little less masterful -- a glimpse into the abandoned fragments of the creative process.  Take for example this recording from our close associate, The Decapitated Hed.  Known (we've taken the liberty of using this word charitably) primarily for producing heavily saturated, minimally rhythmic works under the abbreviated name of Decapitated Hed (omitting the definite article), the artist also has a long history of dabbling in sound collage experiments and automatic/random forms of sonic (de)composition, a large body of largely unreleased material, some of the earliest examples of which are documented on The Decapitated Hed's debut double cassette released on sPLeeNCoFFiN back in 2005 (long out of print, but D. Hed says you're not missing much).

Such is the case with this short four-track cassette recording recently shared with us.  It dates from April 2010, a time when we were just finishing up the duplication of Decapitated Hed's terrific "Isolation Pulse" cassette.  This amusing little nugget is brought to you courtesy of the Hed's personal archives and is free to be shared via Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commercial/Share Alike licensing.

Please enjoy.

The Decapitated Hed - "Responsibilities, in the classic sense" by sPLeeNCoFFiN