Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monthly Mixtape Club : April, 2012 edition

Side A

1. Cloama, “Neuroscan Organization.” Neuroscan Organization LP (Italy, Blade Records/Splatter, 2002).
2. Atomic Cock Bombs, “Untitled.” split cassette w/ Hercel (Canada, Wintage Records and Tapes, 2012).
3. Pain Jerk and John Wiese, “Triangle Sky.” Terrazzo CD (UK, Harbinger Sound, 2007). *recorded 2005.
4. Whistletips, “Untitled.” Remix cassette (USA, MT5 Tapes, 2011).
5. Clang Quartet, “Revival of the Wretch, Part 2.” Revival of the Wretch LP (USA, RRRecords, 2007).
6. Fusiller, “20101130.” Live Series, Vol. 7 cassette (France, [tanzprocesz], 2011).
7. Ilhan Mimaroglu, “Fanfare.” Outstanding Warrants CD (USA, Southport Records, 2000).
8. Dinner Music, “Backbeat.” Mule on Tape cassette (USA, I Just Live Here, 2012).
9. Jonas Lindgren, “Myrornas Krig - Vit.” V/A, Analgous Indirect LP (USA, Public Eyesore, 2000).
10. Pregnant Spore, “Airway.” Chest Absence cassette (USA, Okto Media, 2011).
11. Styrofume, “Gold Teeth.” Legplant CDR (USA, Breaking World Records, 2003). *recorded 1999.
12. Metalux, “Out The Tomb.” 1-0-0-3 cassette (Canada, Beniffer Editions, 2009).

Side B

1. Trance and the Arcade, “Solar Illusion.” Harmonic Architecture CD (USA, Mass Particles, 1998).
2. Sound of Pot, “Untitled.” Live split cassette w/ Cycles Inside (USA, Feeding Tube Records, 2010).
3. Id Battery, “Untitled.” Unique Ancient Tavern LP (USA, Ecstatic Yod, 1997).
4. Jazzfinger, “Manchester 6.08.05.” Tar of the Moon, Vol. 2 cassette (UK, Unrest Productions, 2007).
5. Flying Saucer Attack and Roy Montgomery, “And Goodbye.” Goodbye 12” EP (USA, VHF Records, 1996).
6. U.S. Girls, “Found on the Ground.” U.S. Girls cassingle (USA, Hardscrabble Amateurs, 2008).
7. Hunting Lodge, “Intermission ‘Throb’.” Shadows Out of Time, '82-'83 LP (Germany, Vinyl on Demand, 2010). *recorded 1983, previously unreleasead.

Side A:

Side B:

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